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12 inch spoke motor

12 tube controller

Product details

Rated voltage:48V/60V/72V

electric current:≤30A

Control mode: ST highperformance STM32EBK SCM sine wave/vector control (FOC), with strong reliability, good compatibility and high comfort

Protection functions: locked rotor protection, overvoltage protection, phase line short circuit protection, Hall abnormal protection, handle abnormal protection, current abnormal protection, MOS damage protection, over temperature protection

Alarm function: brake fault alarm, handle fault alarm, current abnormal alarm, Hall abnormal alarm, phase loss abnormal alarm

Braking mode: high braking and low braking are optional

Phase angle: 60 degrees/120 degrees optional

Typical functions: voice, cruise, three speed, speed display, three speed display, cart pushing, reversing, one line communication, one key repair, antitheft, Bluetooth communication, keyless start, afterburner acceleration, voltage selection, speed increase

Featured functions: shared intelligent control, 485 bus communication, super silent Hall self repair function without Hall function

Waterproof grade: IP67

Waterproof structure: waterproof buckle automatic gluing

Sine wave 12 tube controller

Rated voltage:48V/60V/72V

Maximum current:≤32A

Rated power:800W-1000W

20" GP:29400PCS

40" HQ:80000PCS

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